During design phase

Since the pre-feasibility (conceptual) stage to detailed engineering final phase, we provide advisory services to make project investment resilient and flexible:


1.1 Feasibility and constructability

1.2 De-risking, mitigation and contingency plans

1.3 Design and construction methods optimization

1.4 Safety in design for construction and operation

1.5 Functionality and operability optimization

During construction phase

During construction phases, new challenges can be addressed with the right anticipation and technology, we provide cost effective and easy implementation solutions:


2.1 Value recovery strategies: cost and schedule assessments, execution plans and monitoring.

2.2 Construction management advisor: strategic perspective for challenges anticipation and risk management.

2.3 Owner technical advisor: strategic advice integrating technical, contractual and economic perspectives.

During operational phase

During the operational phase, some events can be disruptive, we supply preventive advice, contingency plans and fast implementation solutions:


3.1 Advice on maintenance, applying innovative technologies to reduce costs.

3.2 In case of tunnel failures, we provide advice on inspection, reparations and rehabilitations.

3.3 We advice on mines closure and reclamation, focusing on hydrogeological risks for the environment.

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